Kathleen Bakewell

Sustainability Advisor

Kathleen Bakewell is the Founding Principal of Brook Farm Group LLC, and the Executive Director of BioCities. She is a registered landscape architect and LEED AP with specialties in Neighborhood Development and Building Design + Construction. Kathleen earned her Master in Landscape Architecture from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. She has devoted her 20+ year professional and academic practice to the exploration and creation of ecologically productive and high performance landscapes through connecting natural processes to local and regional ecosystems, infrastructure and cultures. Kathleen is currently advising a major North American bank on how to transform the exterior spaces of approximately 2,000 retail sites into nature-based, more self-sufficient landscapes. Other work includes green infrastructure for housing portfolios, and ecological restoration, agroecological planning and culturally-based landscape design for large hospitality complexes. In 2011, Kathleen founded BioCities with an inaugural 12 hr. symposium, “How Food Systems Shape Cities: Ecological and Economic Perspectives.” BioCities is currently creating a large ecological rooftop project for a major tech firm in Chelsea, New York City. She has taught graduate courses at Columbia and Yale and is on the faculty of The School of Visual Art's Products of Design Master Program, where she teaches food and whole system design.